Some of Our Accomplishments

Samples of the kinds of projects we have done.

* A company had just become a Fortune 500 public company.  Senior managers had historically met to decide the pay for every employee.  After years of growth they could no longer do this for all employees nor did they have the expertise to determine fair and equitable pay at every level.  While the human resources department retained overall control of the project, one of our team members was hired to design a new compensation plan and to provide training to management on administration of the plan.  The results stood the test of time and the structure evolved as the company continued to grow.

*A Remuneration Resources advisor, working with a $10 billion global manufacturing company, led a project to develop a global job family structure and associated local pay structures. The new job structure provided consistency in support of mobility, development and career growth. It streamlined administration and reduced confusion from inconsistent titling. The associated local pay structures supported fair and competitive pay and provided increased support for merit and bonus planning.

* One of our advisors led the review, redesign and consolidation of benefits in seven South East Asian countries.  The work resulted in a net improvement in competitive benefit levels, better service and a 10% reduction in cost.  This was the result of greater efficiencies, economies of scale and more streamlined administration.

* The implementation of a new HRIS allowed one of our advisors to  develop new compensation business requirements and implement new processes in support of annual merit and bonus planning for a large, diversified global organization.  This included training for managers around the world.  The result was a 60% reduction in the time managers had to spend on planning while giving tools and information that allowed for better decision making and significantly fewer errors in the annual process.  A major productivity gain for the company.

* For a large world-wide industrial company, one of our advisors designed the first- ever stock option plan. Working with senior management and the Board of Directors the plan addressed issues of eligibility, vesting, ownership requirements and change in control among other concerns.

* Working with a major global financial services company on of our advisors led the development of a “Compensation Planning Framework” which provided a structure and process to help senior managers develop strategic priorities for the application of their compensation budget throughout the year and during the year end merit and bonus cycle.

* A global diversified manufacturing company had nearly 20 US domestic retirement plans due to years of acquisitive growth.  One of our advisors led a project to consolidate plans and was able to reduce the number of separate plans to only 3.  The resulting benefits included administrative simplification, reduced costs and identification and improved management of all retirement liabilities.

* We were approached by a midsized privately held company that felt there was a better way to manage their bonus program.  Historically, at the end of each year the president had given bonuses on a fully discretionary basis.  Our advisor worked with the company president and senior management team to develop a competitive, goal based bonus plan.  The result was a plan that helped drive desired results and allowed participants to know the basis for their earned bonuses.