Job and Pay Structures

As an organization becomes larger and more complex, or if it is already large and complex, there are tremendous advantages to having a formal job structure.  Also, if it has been some time since an existing structure was reviewed; there may be opportunity for streamlining and improvement.

Consistency in the job structure assures that everyone is “speaking the same language” with regard to jobs in the organization or company.  A job structure supports mobility and career growth.  It also greatly simplifies the job pricing process (matching jobs to market pay data) as well as other administrative activities.

We have also found that a job structure designed to meet the needs of the company results in better organization of the work.  On numerous occasions, while working with managers and executives to review and revise job structures, we have heard comments like “this exercise has helped me think about the work my team is doing in new and better ways.”

If you need a job structure, or your structure has become disjointed over time, we can help you build or revise the structure to align with organizational needs locally or globally.


Pay structures help an organization provide fair and competitive pay to their employees.  Whether these include complex pay scales, individual direct market pricing or a hybrid approach, process and structure help a company be consistent, manage costs and, in many cases, stay compliant with legal rules and regulations in countries around the world.

Our experienced advisors can help you be confident your pay structure is fair and competitive wherever you operate.